Arthur Fraser International Piano Competition

Southeastern Piano Festival Winners

Arthur Fraser International Piano Competition is sponsored by the Symphony League of the South Carolina Philharmonic.

Sponsored by Rice Music House-Steinway Pianos

Sponsored by Mano and Brigitta Solinski


First Prize Winner will perform a complete concerto with the South Carolina Philharmonic in Masterworks concert series during the 2017/2018 season. Second and Third Prize Winners will have opportunities to perform with the SC Philharmonic and SC Youth Orchestra at the discretion of the SC Philharmonic Music Director. Other engagement opportunities for all prizewinners are at the discretion of the Artistic Director of the Southeastern Piano Festival.

Award for the best performance of a contemporary work written since 1990: $500



Award for the best performance of solo work: $300

SEPF Participants on Stage

USC SCHOOL OF MUSIC SCHOLARSHIPS: Contingent upon acceptance to the University and the School of Music, all competition prize-winners will be offered USC music scholarships.

Competition Jury

Barry Snyder, Chair

Washington Garcia

Morihiko Nakahara

Boris Slutsky

Ilana Vered

Screening Jury

Phillip Bush

Charles Fugo

Robyn Gibson

Joseph Rackers

Young Jury

Will be posted in May of 2017

Repertoire Requirements

All Southeastern Piano Festival participants will perform during the Arthur Fraser Piano Competition. Participants who wish to be considered for ALL prizes must perform the following:

  • a movement of a standard concerto for piano and orchestra (no slow movements, complete concerto in case of one movements works)
  • a work for solo piano contrasting in style and period (individual movements of larger works are allowed)

Participants who do not wish to perform a concerto may compete for the discretionary prizes, performing two solo piano works contrasting in styles and periods. Participants may declare a "non-competing" status, in which case they will play one or two solo piano work(s), will receive comments from the judges, but will not be considered for prizes.

All performances must be from memory. A contestant may be interrupted during the performance to accommodate the maximum allotted time of 15 minutes. All winners of the competition are required to participate in the winners' recital. All judges' decisions are final.

ELIGIBILITY: Contestants must be registered participants of the 2017 Southeastern Piano Festival. All prizewinners are required to participate in the Winners' Recital. Past winners of the Arthur Fraser International Piano Competition who have performed with the South Carolina Philharmonic are not eligible to compete for the top three prizes; however, they are eligible to compete for all other awards.

ACCOMPANIST: All contestants must use the official festival accompanist. We are pleased to announce that INĀRA ZANDMANE, a staff accompanist at University of North Carolina in Greensboro and official accompanist for the national finals of the MTNA competition, has joined the Southeastern Piano Festival, as the official accompanist for the Arthur Fraser International Piano Competition.

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